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Miami Florida

Miami has long been a destination city, known for its hot beaches and even hotter nightlife. The city's festivals, attractions, and events draw over 12 million tourists annually from home and abroad, spending as much as $17.1 billion. South Beach's historical Art Deco district is world-renowned as one of the most glamorous locations for its nightclubs, shopping, beaches, and historical buildings. Also known as the "Cruise Capital of the World," the Port of Miami hosts over a dozen cruise lines of all shapes and sizes, including some of the world's largest cruise ships.

This whirlwind tourist destination has also become a heavyweight business capital and was recently ranked seventh in the U.S. and thirty-third in the world in the Global Cities Index 2010 for levels of business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. This means "The Magic City" is not just for vacationing tourists, but holds excellent potential for business opportunities and more »

Blessed with year-round mild climates and unrivaled ocean access, America’s southernmost resort city is also a sought-after international recreation destination. Ranked the nation’s #1 Healthiest City by Natural Health Magazine in 2002, Miami caters to action-oriented visitors from around the globe with some of the world's top golf, tennis and sporting facilities. Add sparkling waters that are a magnet for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, divers and water sports aficionados to the equation and it is easy to see why Miami is a number one choice for active travelers of all ages and skill levels. But where to start? Miami’s streets are often busy, some of its attractions often attract crowds, and a few days can leave more to choose from than you have time to include, so knowing the active options in advance—and how to manage your time and movements—is essential Miami planning. Making the best use of what time you have by knowing where your points of interest are can help you save more of your energy for the activities this city more »

The caressing breeze alleviates the humidity that hangs in the night air and the metronome sway of our hammock lulls us into a dream-like state. Beneath our suspended haven, a powder sandy beach leads to the bath-tempered Atlantic. Above, feathery palm fronds frame a golden moon. It's pure escapism, doused with romance, and during our visit to Miami we discover that it's just the beginning of more to come... read more »

Americans who want to plan a tropical beach vacation without traveling beyond the continental U.S. should set their sights on Miami. The city’s multi-cultural flair, superb beaches and lively nightspots satisfy everyone from art buffs to water sports enthusiasts to partiers.

Miami’s South Beach provides the best mix of beach, culture and entertainment. Historic Art Deco boutique hotels line the boardwalk. For a truly deluxe experience, check out The Hotel Clinton South Beach on Washington Avenue. The ultra-contemporary hotel houses a full spa and 88 sleekly styled rooms with smooth carpeting and elegant, white more »






Miami Florida



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