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Submitted by: Stephen A Daniels

Miami is a tourist's paradise, with its bright blue waters, gently swaying palm trees, and eclectic mix of people. In fact, there is so much on offer in this beautiful city that it can be hard to choose the best attractions. When choosing what to do in Miami, you'll find the best ones are those that take advantage of the perfect weather and welcoming atmosphere. We've compiled a list of our favorite 5 in Miami to help you find the best the city has to offer.

The Everglades National Park features 1.5 million acres of swamps full of a fascinating variety of wildlife. The best way to see the Everglades is with a boat tour, which you can find year-round at Flamingo and Gulf Coast. As you travel through this tropical atmosphere, you might see alligators, crocodiles, wood stork, great blue herons, and many more types of swamp wildlife. Miami's famous heat feels quite tropical here, and it's a great chance to feel like you're in the rain forest while never leaving Miami.

To see the glitz and glamor of Miami, a visit to South Beach is required. South Beach is home to gorgeous beaches, high end shopping, and glitzy mansions. While you're there, stop by the Versace mansion: You may have seen it on television, but the luxury of this palace can only be truly comprehended by seeing it in person. The Lincoln Road Pedestrian mall is a beautiful open-air shopping mecca which offers the designer wares only Miami's lucky elite can actually buy. Browsing is free, so take an afternoon to wind your way through these charming shops. If nightlife is your thing, you can't go wrong with any of the South Beach bars, some of which have gained fame on MTV in recent years. A stroll on this lit-up beach at night is unforgettable.

The Miami Seaquarium will be a hit with both children and adults. Located in the heart of Miami, you will find this unique aquarium to be unlike any you've ever visited: It's completely outdoors! Thanks to the temperate climate in Miami, it is possible to see fantastic shows here year round. The sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, and killer whale all put on a terrific show which will keep everyone enthralled. You can even visit the lagoon where the "Flipper" tv show was originally filmed and meet Flipper himself.

Yet another attraction which would be possible only in Miami is the Miami Metrozoo. This massive 290 acre animal park hosts animals from all over the globe in environments which closely replicate their natural habitat. At the Miami Metrozoo, you'll be able to see white Bengal tigers, lions, koala bears, kangaroos, a Komodo dragon and an extensive aviary and reptile house. All of the animals are uncaged, with visitors kept safe through the use of moats.

Miami is becoming a center for the arts, and opportunities to experience great live theater abound here. Jackie Gleason Theater, Actor’s Playhouse and the Coconut Grove Playhouse are the three best known of the local Miami theaters, and you can see a Broadway quality play or musical on any given night in Miami. Ballet enthusiasts should not miss the chance to see the internationally acclaimed Miami City Ballet, which focuses on both ethnic and classical style ballet.

Miami is full of unique opportunities, and it's a city like no other. Your visit there may be short, but one thing is certain: Miami will draw you back again.

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