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  The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Part 1 of 4

This is the incredible true story of the lifetime accomplishments of a man who is scarcely mentioned in references anywhere.

Once a person discovers the facts surrounding this man, they are left scratching their head in wonderment as to why his achievements are so blatantly forgotten. Once revealed, the facts of this story leave no doubt that this man did in fact discover one of the greatest secrets of the ancient world. Unlike other so-called ?experts? who only propose ?theories?, this man left cold, hard proof that he knew what he was talking about. Anyone reading this can get in their car and drive to the exact spot where this story took place. They can put their hands on the very work this man did.

This man's name is Edward Leedskalnin. His achievement is the beautiful Coral Castle at Homestead, Florida; which is conveniently located 25 miles south of Miami on Highway 1 for all to see.

How a man who stood just over 5 foot tall and weighed a mere 100 pounds built such an amazing structure still remains a huge mystery. No one can explain how for 28 years, Ed single-handedly moved blocks of coral stone weighing upwards of 30 tons using only primitive hand tools. Such stones cannot be moved even today without the use of huge cranes, which themselves take days to assemble. Ed had no such equipment? only determination.

Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia August 10, 1887 and at the age of 26 immigrated to the U.S. This, after being jilted on the night before his wedding by a young sixteen year old lady named Agnes Scuffs, whom Ed later affectionately referred to as his ?Sweet Sixteen?. He immediately left Latvia broken-hearted. His travels took him through Europe, across to Canada where he worked as a lumber jack, south through Texas where he worked on at least one cattle drive, and eventually east to the Florida everglades. Ed had mild tuberculosis, so he believed it best for his health, that he move to Florida.

By the time Ed reached Florida though, he had become extremely ill. A kind local real estate agent found Ed lying on the side of the road and brought him home, where he and his wife nursed Ed back to health. Well, they did the best that they could?

A local doctor discovered that Ed was suffering from terminal tuberculosis, which in those days meant the death sentence. Ed was only given a few months to live. Ed could still get around fine, but occasionally he would have gut-wrenching coughing spells, which sometimes resulted in Ed passing out.

When Ed was given the news that he only had a few months to live he just cracked a smile and said, ?We?ll see?.

Despite his condition, Ed decided to find a piece of land where he could build a huge monument to his ?Sweet Sixteen? in hopes that she would come to the United States and marry him once she found out about it.

In 1918 Ed found the perfect piece of land at a place called Florida City and bought it for $12. It was useless to most anyone else, simply because it was solid rock with only a few inches of topsoil. The coral rock was up to 4000 feet think in this area. Working in secrecy and mostly at night by the light of a lantern, he began to cut and move monolithic blocks of coral stone.

During this period, it was reported that people sometimes saw Ed laying in a huge, circular, perfectly balanced rock that he could rotate with just a kick of his foot. The idea, as Ed later explained, was to stay in alignment with the sun and keep the sunlight on his chest. Some also reported seeing a wooden pyramid shaped structure on the circular stone. Ed would lay underneath the pyramid structure in the sunlight on a daily basis from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

Ed once stated that ?cancer could not live within a magnetic field?. Whatever Ed did, it worked. Weeks later on the next visit to the doctor, Ed was told that he had the lungs and the blood of a child. The doctor was dumbfounded.

This doctor?s report is on display at Coral Castle, today.

Ed opened up ?Rock Gate Park?, as it was then called, to visitors in 1923 and charged 10 cents per visitor. Ed called his creation Rock Gate Park because of the 9-ton rock gate that he had built to such precise specifications that a small girl could push it open with the tip of her finger. The stone is perfectly balanced with only a quarter-inch clearance at either side.

Other great monoliths that Ed created included a 28-ton obelisk, a 20-ton Polaris Telescope that constantly follows the Polaris star in the sky, a 5000 lb heart-shaped table, a 23-ton crescent moon, a one-of-a-kind sun-dial that keeps time within 2 minutes, the only known moon dial in the world, a 30-ton block of coral Ed called ?his greatest achievement?, and much more. The 5000 lb heart-shaped table was dubbed ?the world?s largest valentine?, by Ripley?s Believe It Or Not. The stones in the walls of Coral Castle average 6 ˝ tons each; more than those in the Great Pyramid, which average around 3 tons.

Quite an achievement, indeed!

Much more will be revealed about this mysterious man and his incredible creation at Homestead, Florida - next time?

The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Part 2 of 4

Ed had a wonderful sense of humor, which came through in a few places of his creation. For instance, around the dining table, there are four stone chairs. Three are very comfortable, but the third is deliberately unbalanced and uncomfortable. Ed said that the three comfortable chairs were reserved for Ed, ?Sweet Sixteen? and their child. The uncomfortable chair was placed behind Ed?s chair and was reserved for his mother-in-law when she visited. Ed assumed that she would become very uncomfortable, hopefully take a hint, and not stay very long.

I can already see all of the married men who are reading this heading to their shops to make an uncomfortable chair before the holidays :)

Another interesting thing is that the stone rocking chairs at Coral Castle have angled bottoms, not rounded as you would normally see. And yet they still rock as easily as their rounded cousins. Ed said that he balanced them on their ?center of gravity?.

Ed continued to work on his castle almost to completion, until 1936. Then for reasons known only to him, he began the tedious job of moving the entire castle 10 miles to a new location at Homestead, Florida where it stands to this day.

Some who knew Ed say that he had heard rumors of a subdivision that was to be developed too close to the castle and this is why he moved.

Others believe that the move was somehow the result of a brutal attack that almost resulted in Ed?s death. Some thugs caught Ed in his castle one night and beat him within an inch of his life. No one knows the motivation of the attack. There is speculation that perhaps they were trying to pry Ed?s secrets from him. Others speculate that it was government related. Whatever the reason, after this event, Ed moved his castle.

Ed hired a local guy who owned an old truck and a heavy-duty trailer that would handle the huge stones. Ed always instructed the gentleman to leave the trailer and come back later. By the time the gentleman returned, Ed would have the trailer loaded with the heavy stones he wanted to transport.

Ed never allowed anyone to watch him work and he had an eerie sixth-sense when anyone tried. He would immediately stop working until they left. However, Ed seemed not to care if children were sometimes present. It is surmised that Ed felt no one would believe them anyway. It has been reported that one night some children witnessed Ed ?floating stones like hydrogen balloons?. Sounds pretty silly, especially when it?s coming from a bunch of kids, right? Perhaps that makes Ed?s point.

There are a couple of credible accounts of adults witnessing strange occurrences as Ed worked. The man whom Ed hired to move the stones with his truck stated that he had forgotten his lunch box one morning and went back to the castle to get it. He had only been gone for a half-hour and when he arrived Ed already had several of the monolithic stones stacked on the rails of the trailer like cordwood. He never saw how Ed loaded them, just that Ed had absolutely no heavy machinery that should have been necessary to manipulate such heavy stones; especially that fast.

Another story stated that Ed was seen singing to the stone with his hands placed on it. Oddly enough, legend has it that the ?magician? Merlin moved the Stonehenge stones by singing to them. Take what you will from this.

Coral stone weighs approximately 125 pounds per cubic foot. The largest hoist Ed had at Coral Castle was a 10-ton hoist, which was mounted on a set of three stationary telephone poles mounted together in a teepee fashion. As stated before, several of the stones at Coral Castle are much heavier than 10 tons. Even if Ed somehow hoisted the stones from the quarry with this hoist, two big questions still remain. How did he actually (and single-handedly) move the stones laterally to the building site and position them? And, how did he cut the stones from the quarry? especially, underneath?

Some people suggest that Ed quarried around the stones to the depth he wanted, and then exerted so much upward pressure with his hoist that the individual stones ?popped? away from the parent quarry rock. However, this cannot be confirmed. Plus, the pressure needed to ?pop? the stone out would most likely have been more than the hoist could have provided. Also, note that there are no chisel marks on the stones at Coral Castle. They are completely smooth.

When anyone asked Ed how he cut and moved the huge stones, Ed would state that he knew the secrets of the master stone cutters of Egypt, Peru, the Yucatan, etc. He also said that he understood the laws of weight and leverage. Ed actually wrote and published a small booklet on magnetism, which is believed to have something to do with Ed?s ability, but it is too difficult for most to comprehend.

Another interesting tidbit of information is the timeframe in which Ed completed this engineering marvel. The Taj Mahal was constructed over a twenty year period with the labor of several thousand slaves. Ed single-handedly built Coral Castle over a period of twenty eight years (and this includes three years moving it from Florida City to Homestead). There is no other event known in the history of the world where one person single-handedly built this large of a stone structure.

Edward Leedskalnin was indeed a unique individual.

More fascinating things about Ed will be revealed next time?

The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Part 3 of 4

Edward Leedskalnin was a polite, secretive gentleman who loved children. He would occasionally host small public gatherings at Coral Castle, such as field trips for the local school kids. Each event was complete with hot dogs, which Ed cooked in his unique outdoor oven.

Ed finished the castle in its new location some time in 1940. As expected, Ed had built around himself a world filled with wonderful mysteries that remain unsolved to this day. For example?

A ghostly fact that haunts Coral Castle to this day is the mysterious quartz-like stone that was found under the 9-ton gate. In 1986, the gate stopped working. Ed had used bearings from an old Model-T Ford to allow the rock gate to pivot. The weight of the 9-ton stone eventually crushed the steel bearings. After some searching, a company was located that could lift the gate and repair the bearings. Large heavy equipment had to be brought in to accomplish the task. The main equipment used was an 18 - 20 ton crane! It took days just to set up the equipment.

Underneath the bearings was a stone of the approximate size and shape of a Frisbee with very unusual properties. It was carefully examined at the geology department at the University of Florida. After some time, it was returned to Coral Castle - with puzzlement. The stone today resides on display in Coral Castle, with a caption under it that reads: ?Material of unknown origin; it had to be strong enough to hold 9 tons per sq. ft.?. In other words, the stone is not known to exist on this planet.

How did Ed get such a stone? Was he visited by aliens who gave him this stone, as some suggest? Much speculation as to the stone?s origin exists, but there is no concrete proof for any of it. Ed stated several times that science was wrong about electricity, and that is should be more appropriately called, ?magneticity?. Ed said that everything was made up of tiny magnets, which also passed through everything. You, me, the earth? everything. Whatever you may think of this, one thing is for certain. Ed knew something?

It is the author?s opinion that since Ed had such a unique understanding of the molecular makeup of our material world, perhaps he used his knowledge of magnetic fields and poles to manipulate the cellular structure of the stone; thereby changing its density. After all of Ed?s other inexplicable feats are considered, this is just as plausible of an explanation as alien intervention. Perhaps more so.

In addition to the strange rock found under the perfectly balanced 9-ton stone, engineers couldn?t believe the accuracy with which Ed had drilled a perfect hole through the entire length of the stone. Ed needed to do this in order for the stone to pivot on its center. A metal rod was passed vertically through this hole and secured on either end of the stone. Keep in mind that this huge stone is not evenly cut, either. It?s not a perfectly rectangular block. This makes Ed?s ability to perfectly balance it, even more astounding. Even with today?s high-tech lasers and measuring equipment, one would be hard-pressed to duplicate this feat with such precision.

I recently learned that the Great Pyramid once had a swinging door. Apparently, the door weighed some 20 tons and was so well balanced that it could easily be opened from the inside by pushing on it with a minimal amount of force. Outside though, it closed so perfectly that it could scarcely be detected and there wasn?t enough of a crack to get a grasp. Sound familiar?

The Coral Castle story continues?

The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Part 4 of 4
The Day That Ended An Era

One morning in early December of 1951, Ed left a note on the entrance of Coral Castle stating that he was going to the doctor. A few days later on December 7, 1951 at the age of 64, Ed passed away in his sleep at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His death was attributed to stomach cancer and malnutrition.

The first thing people seem to wonder is why Ed didn?t cure himself of the stomach cancer, as he did with the tuberculosis. Those who knew Ed believed that Ed was just tired. It was pretty obvious that even after all of his hard work, his ?Sweet Sixteen? still didn?t care (she did know about the castle); so it?s assumed that Ed just gave up.

Whatever the reason behind all of Ed?s decisions in his life, take a moment today to pay tribute to a very unique individual. An individual who created numerous unexplainable feats --- all with a mere forth grade education. That?s right, Ed never officially achieved anything higher than a fourth grade education. However, Ed did love to visit the library on a daily basis and look through books; especially those with pictures of Egyptian hieroglyphs and artifacts. It is believed that within these books is where Ed somehow stumbled onto a secret that has eluded mankind since the days of Stonehenge and the rise of the great monolithic structures of Egypt, Lebanon, and South America.

Ed knew from the very beginning that he was doing something unique, as witnessed by the message he chiseled in place at the main entrance of Coral Castle? ?You will be seeing unusual accomplishment?.

The legacy of Edward Leedskalnin is truly fascinating. Will we ever discover the secrets that Ed used to prove his love for his ?Sweet Sixteen?? It seems that Ed didn?t feel that the world was ready for his knowledge in 1951. He deliberately destroyed his knowledge before he died. He believed that knowledge should be earned, not merely passed on. Perhaps he felt that it could too easily be used for the wrong reasons. Maybe this decision was the result of almost being beaten to death earlier. Why else would Ed leave the following clue in the encoded form we now find it?

After Ed died, a plaque was found in Coral Castle which read simply, ?The secret to the Universe is 7129 / 6105195?. What this means is anyone?s guess. Does this somehow refer to a lost science known as ?Sacred Geometry?? Who knows?

Coral Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, but it is still a relatively little-known attraction. Maybe its for the best.

I mean, are we really mature enough to handle his secret today, anyway? I?m not so sure? Regardless, Ed left irrefutable evidence that we are in fact capable of so much more as human beings than currently witnessed. The proof is in the greatest architectural achievement in modern times? that magnificent creation in the Florida Everglades called Coral Castle.

The Man Who Moved a Mountain - Part 5:
Bonus - What Was Ed's Perpetual Motion Holder?

To really understand from where the premise of this article comes, the reader should have already read the article series that preceded this one: "The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Parts 1 through 4. These articles will produce an excellent portrait of the man whom this article pertains, Edward Leedskalnin...

Coral Castle had no electricity except for what Ed supplied with an invention he tried to patent, which he called a ?perpetual motion holder?. The perpetual motion holder is widely misunderstood by everyone who studies it. To the author though, it appears to be a very basic concept.

The perpetual motion holder was a contraption that Ed built on a chassis of an old truck and mounted on the floor of his little shop. It contained a series of magnets that rotated. Ed explained that when the handle of the perpetual motion holder was cranked, the magnets in the device would chase each other for eternity.

I believe this is the point where people get lost.

They assume that Ed means that the physical magnets themselves are spinning around chasing themselves. If one reads Ed?s material on magnetism, you will find that Ed believed that what science called electrons and protons could (in his opinion) actually be subatomic North and South pole magnetic particles. Or that the electrons and protons themselves were negatively and positively charged. He believed that science had several things wrong about electricity and magnetism.

I think what Ed created was a simple generator / capacitor, which would build up and hold an electrical charge. When the physical magnets were spun in his perpetual motion holder, a flow of "subatomic North and South pole magnets" was created (ie electricity) and held.

Since Ed believed that electricity was actually subatomic North and South pole magnetic particles chasing each other, I believe this is what Ed meant.

Someone once stated that they had seen Ed?s bicycle mounted to the perpetual motion holder in such a manner that Ed could spin the physical magnets by pedaling the bicycle. If the physical magnets were supposed to chase each other forever with a simple spin, why would Ed need to strap a bicycle to the machine? Wouldn?t a simple spin of the magnets by hand cause them to start into motion just the same? Unless Ed was actually using the bicycle to charge the perpetual motion holder.

I remember seeing a project where a college student recreated the perpetual motion holder as Ed described it in his writings. It worked exactly as Ed stated it would. The student could build up an "electrical" charge using a battery charger and the perpetual motion holder would hold the charge for an infinite amount of time. The college student stated in his experiment that his perpetual motion holder was charged to a certain level then left alone for six months. At the end of six months, the current in the perpetual motion holder was metered and was exactly the same as it was when it was first charged.

When the bar across the end of the perpetual motion holder was released, the current was also released. This bar was wired up to a light bulb and when the bar was released the light bulb flashed, signifying an electrical discharge. Ed stated that he couldn?t stop the "magnets" in his perpetual motion holder from chasing each other, unless he shorted a wire across the poles. Shorting a wire across the poles would have also released the current, as in the experiment above.

On The Other Hand

With all of this being said, there is one thing that I feel I should add. I found what is apparently a very unusual method of dowsing for water. It was used by the same guy who discovered the ?Bishops Rule? of dowsing in 1870, a French herdsman named Barthelemey Bléton.

Instead of the usual forked stick or set of rods, he would begin by holding both of his hands parallel in front of him with his elbows tucked against his side. Both hands would be about six inches apart and in the shape of pistols (thumbs up); as kids do when playing cops and robbers, etc.

On top of both index fingers, a one foot long perfectly-rounded stick was placed (perpendicular to the fingers and parallel to the front of the body). It was held level.

Then Bléton would walk a specific area until the stick started to spin rapidly on his fingers - like the wheels of a race taking off. This would signify a water anomaly was present beneath this position. He could tell the depth of the water body by using the Bishop's Rule.

As a side note, my great-uncle was somewhat of a legend where he lived, because he found several excellent water wells for people. He once told me that he couldn?t detect water if it was still; such as in pool in a cavern underground. He could only detect it if it were flowing.

Apparently the movement of water underground creates some sort of a geomagnetic flow.

Perhaps there is a secret that "the ancients" and people like Ed found that allowed them to tap into this power for their building and/or experimenting purposes. Keep in mind that great structures like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid have (or have had) water anomalies under them. For instance, the Great Pyramid used to have an underground river which flowed beneath it.

Now, if the dowsing phenomenon Barthelemey Bléton utilized is true, then it is possible that the physical magnets in Ed?s perpetual motion holder did in fact physically spin. He stated in his publications that the subatomic magnets moved in a right-hand twist, and at a high rate of speed. Could this magnetic movement be what made the stick spin for Bléton?

It is a known fact that Ed used a forked dowsing stick to find "something" when he was searching for the ideal place to build. Some suggest that Ed was deliberately trying to tap into something called the ?Harmonic Grid?, which is a geomagnetic grid that encompasses the Earth. It is said that at certain points on this grid, there is much more magnetic power than other places and that the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Coral Castle, and other monolithic structures are all coincidentally on this grid.

Whether Ed was deliberately trying to find this grid is not known. However, it should also be stated for the record that dowsing for water prior to building a home was not unusual for old-timers. Think about it for a second?

What good would it do to build a beautiful home at an ?ideal? location, only to find that you have to walk 5 miles to get a bucket of water? The old-timers built their places around water. This way, they would have fresh water close by for drinking, cooking, and bathing as they built their new home? as well as after.

Perhaps for people like Ed finding water actually served several purposes, some of which are unknown to 99.99% of the population.

I do believe one thing? If the concept of ?dowsing? can cause a stick to spin rapidly, then I see no reason why someone couldn?t create a geomagnetic motor on these locations to power generators and produce free electricity. It would really be no different than tapping into the power of the surface waters as we do now to produce electricity. Just on a different level.

Perhaps each home or community will have such a device in the future to supply their electricity? It?s something to ponder anyway.

Maybe this is what Ed invented in his shop? a geomagnetic motor. He once stated that his perpetual motion holder would solve the world?s energy problems. Maybe it did and we just don?t know it yet.

If you want to see what's left of Ed's perpetual motion machine, visit Coral Castle in southern Florida. It's located approximately 25 miles south of Miami on Highway 1. Coral Castle is open for visitors year-round and the cost of admission is currently $9.75 for adults. Children under 6 are free.

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