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by Genny Brown

Miami has long been a destination city, known for its hot beaches and even hotter nightlife. The city's festivals, attractions, and events draw over 12 million tourists annually from home and abroad, spending as much as $17.1 billion. South Beach's historical Art Deco district is world-renowned as one of the most glamorous locations for its nightclubs, shopping, beaches, and historical buildings. Also known as the "Cruise Capital of the World," the Port of Miami hosts over a dozen cruise lines of all shapes and sizes, including some of the world's largest cruise ships.

This whirlwind tourist destination has also become a heavyweight business capital and was recently ranked seventh in the U.S. and thirty-third in the world in the Global Cities Index 2010 for levels of business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. This means "The Magic City" is not just for vacationing tourists, but holds excellent potential for business opportunities and development.

Miami has grown over the years from a prosperous international port city to a thriving tropical metroplex. The Miami metropolitan area was estimated to have a total population of over 5.5 million people in the 2009 Population Estimates from the United States Census Bureau. In the same year, the global financial services firm UBS ranked Miami as the richest city in the U.S. and the fifth-richest city in the world, in terms of purchasing power, from a study of 73 world cities.

Miami's hefty financial and commercial districts of Brickell and Downtown are together home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States. Commonly called the "Manhattan of the South" and "Millionaires Row," Brickell is also a compact, high-rise residential neighborhood filled with numerous fashionable, luxury condominiums and apartments, and many of Miami's leading restaurants, shops, and entertainment centers.

Flying into such a busy city and international destination as Miami can often be a time-squandering hassle, especially for business class travelers who need to get to important meetings while looking at the top of their game. One solution that allows business travelers to arrive refreshed and unhurried, ready to stake a claim in the flourishing business world of Miami, is that of flying by private jet.

Private air charter provides passengers with a quick, quiet flight which can land at a number of smaller airports around Miami, including Kendall-Tamiami Airport or Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport. Such smaller airports have less traffic and shorter lines than the bustling Miami International Airport, especially for those flying by private jet charter.

Passengers who book private charter flights to Miami will avoid long lines and hours of waiting and can often pick up extra services offered by jet charter companies, such as limousine service and private catering, to make their travel plans even smoother. With the luxury and peace-of-mind afforded by private jet flights, travelers will arrive on time and fully energized to take advantage of every opportunity available in the wide business world of Miami.

About the Author:

Genny Brown is a frequent traveler and prefers to fly private. She believes that flying private has its own set of advantages where you can experience luxury, comfort and is far more convenient than commercial flying.






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