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The Jazz and Art on the Avenue at Delray Beach
By Nicholas Jurkowski

Delray Beach is a small, sophisticated town with a rich and interesting history, starting, like many Florida towns and cities, with a well-meaning tycoon who bought up an ugly plot of marsh-land infested with snakes, mosquitoes and alligators. Through a long process, Delray has been transformed into quite an attractive little city, with a large number of things to see and do.

Delray is a fantastic location for leisure, as it offers a wide variety of activities, from a fantastic 2-mile stretch of beach (offering all of the activities that you might associate with beaches), to a quaint downtown full of antique shops and art galleries, to a commendable offering of gourmet restaurants (Kyoto Sushi and Sake is quite good). Without a doubt, one of the best parts of Delray Beach, however, is probably the special events that they seem to be perpetually hosting. My favorite is the Jazz and Art on the Avenue series, which happens about five times a year (there are still two opportunities for 2006 – October 19th and November 30th).

The Jazz and Art on the Avenue events are an amazing mix of interesting art, eclectic music, and the always charming sights and sounds of Delray Beach. There are countless bands (jazz and otherwise – on the 17th of August there were Taiko drummers) that provide a perfect evening of live entertainment for music aficionados. In addition to the music, there is also a “gallery-stroll” – art galleries open up for the duration of the event (6pm-10pm) so that you can peruse their collections. Be sure to stop by the Burton Gallery. As if this visual and aural feast were not enough, the local businesses around the event center open their doors to provide you with all manner of goods and services – from food to massages to office-supplies – generally at sale prices. This is definitely something I try very hard not to miss.

Hopefully my stirring descriptions pique your curiosity to the point that you visit Delray Beach (whether you visit for the festivals, the shops, the restaurants, or the beach). It is the perfect spot for a special occasion, and pairs perfectly with Millenium Limo. Imagine taking a limo to the jazz and art festival and then wandering around for a few hours taking it all in. You could eat, drink, and be merry with reckless abandon, secure in the knowledge that a professional limo-driver will be taking you home afterwards. In any case – Delray Beach is a great destination for any reason: a romantic outing, a family trip, or just to get away.

Nick Jurkowski is a senior editor for the essays above can be found on his night life blog, updated daily and available via RSS, at The Urban Adventure Blog.






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