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Miami Beach FL Vacation Rentals  
by Jennifer Weiss

Miami Beach, Florida is a land filled with endless sunshine, beautiful beaches, distinct architecture, and happening nightclubs that draw celebrities on a regular basis. While not the best place for a family vacation, it is the ideal location if you are looking to escape for a weeklong getaway with a loved one. Strolling the streets, soaking up some sun, and dancing the night away can all be a part of your Miami Beach adventure when you make your way here for some much needed rest.

Whether you want to view the Art Deco architecture of Miami Beach or experience the popular nightclubs in South Beach, finding the perfect accommodations for your vacation can make all the difference in how smoothly your vacation runs. When you stay in a vacation rental, you can choose a home in the exact neighborhood of your preference or near the specific attraction of your choice. There is more selection regarding where you can stay since rental homes and condos can be in areas where hotels do not bother to wander.

While location is a large part of any Miami Beach vacation, views of the area can make for an even more relaxing and enjoyable trip. Imagine meandering out to your private balcony as the aroma of your morning coffee wafts out into the air, then sitting on your comfortable chair while the waves of the Atlantic Ocean fold over themselves. What better alarm clock is there than watching the sun slowly rise out of the water, signaling the beginning to another beautiful day in Miami Beach.

Although you could probably spend the entire day taking in the views and refreshing breeze off the water, there are activities and attractions you want to get to before your vacation slips away. Vacation rentals make it easy to get ready for any adventure since there is plenty of space, so the individuals you are traveling with are not stepping all over each other, and numerous bathrooms, meaning the ladies have their domain to prepare in. And when you are ready to head out, you have the option of walking or driving since you have easy access to your car at all times during your trip.

If a day of people-watching and relaxing in the cafes along South Beach is on the itinerary, then walking to this destination will certainly satisfy some of your appetite for interesting sights. Making your way to this popular beach can be a hassle if you have to find parking, so why not avoid the headache by staying in a nearby South Beach vacation rental. You can have not only breathtaking views of the water, but also of the unusual characters who head to South Beach for its free-spirited, anything goes atmosphere.

Miami Beach is filled to the brim with sights and sounds that make this unique, lively vacation destination a major tourist draw for adults looking to unwind and escape from their stressful daily life. Whether you want to let it all hang out at the top-optional South Beach or party the night away at one of the numerous watering-holes, you can enjoy the luxuries and conveniences of home in any of the numerous Miami Beach FL vacation rentals that are available throughout the city. Log on to the wireless internet, clean the sand off your clothes in the washer and dryer, or mix up your own drinks in the fully-stocked kitchen. No matter what you have in mind, your vacation rental is sure to be an accommodating host throughout your Miami Beach adventure.

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