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Miami History - How Much Do You Know About Florida's Wild Child?
By Jennifer Jordan

Miami is a city known for many things: culture, nightlife, and music. It is also known for history, a history rich in color and flavor. Some of Miami’s past is well known – such as the legacy of the undefeated 1972 Dolphins – and some of its past can only be found in the crevices of Miami history books. Take our quiz and see if Miami is a city you know a lot about or a city you need to visit…and soon.

1.Miami became a city officially on what date?

a. October 30, 1902
b. July 28, 1896
c. December 25, 1913
d. April 2, 2005

2. Miami is the second largest city in Florida, what is the first?

a. Jacksonville
b. Orlando
c. Tampa Bay
d. They are all the same size

3. Miami is regarded by many as what?

a. The surfing capitol of the south
b. The music capitol of the World
c. A Melting Pot
d. A great place for skiing

4. The average temperature per month in Miami has never been recorded lower that what?

a. 80 degrees
b. 75 degrees
c. 65 degrees
d. 32 degrees

5. On Febrary 15, 1933, what happened in Miami’s Bayfront Park?

a. A hurricane hit
b. An assassination attempt was made on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president elect
c. An earthquake was recorded
d. Cupid came a day late

6. Miami International Aiport is one of the world’s busiest airports. How many passengers go through it each year?

a. 35 million
b. 120 million
c. 900,000
d. one or two

7. In the 1970’s, Miami disco hit the scene with the help of what band?

a. Electric Light Orchestra
b. KC and the Sunshine Band
c. Rick Dees
d. New Kids on the Block

8. What actor was born in Cuba and moved to Miami at the age of five?

a. Andy Garcia
b. Al Pacino
c. Robert Dinero
d. RuPaul

9. What television sitcom was set in Miami?

a. Friends
b. Will and Grace
c. The Golden Girls
d. Leave it to Beaver

10. Because of Miami’s global corporate service organizations, Miami is considered to be what?

a. The Southern New York
b. The Gamma World City
c. The Center for International Tourism
d. A very busy place

Answers: 1. b. July 28, 1896; 2. a. Jacksonville; 3. c. a Melting Pot; 4. c. 65 degrees; 5. b. An assassination attempt was made on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president elect; 6. a. 35 million; 7. b. KC and the Sunshine Band; 8. a. Andy Garcia; 9. c. The Golden Girls; 10. b. The Gamma World City.

See how you did:

9-10 Correct: You are a master of Miami history. Feel free to call Miami, My-ami.

6-8 Correct: You know a lot about Miami history. It’s fair to say Miami hearts you.

3-5 Correct: You should probably book a trip to Miami and take notes…lots of them.

Less than 3 Correct: Uh, not very good at all. Your punishment is season tickets to the Miami Dolphins.

Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for Having been to five continents and over 40 countries, her travel column can be found at the Millenium limo website.

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