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by Half Price Tour Tickets (5-6-2011)

Everybody needs to have a better understanding on things to do for their trip to Miami; we believe that the more information they have, the better.

Miami is bigger than a lot of people think; It is full of interesting things to see, to do, to enjoy and your creativity is the limit when you have a 365 days a year sunny days with warm beaches and other cool pool parties.

As of Miami tours, you got more than 10 options to discover the city in different ways; We will talk about most popular ones next:

1. Miami city tours by bus: A 90 minutes narrated tour around Miami Beach and Downtown Miami, with stops at Little Havana, Bayside Port and marketplace, you got time to hear the story on how everything began, why the architectural looks, why the name, how the economy grew and why. Voted best by tourist.

2. Miami boat tours by sea: Go on a pirate boat cruising around the downtown, but most of the time you will enjoy going through the houses of the rich and famous like Shakira, Jet lee and others. The boat tours are narrated, all the way through Fisher Island and the millionaire's row.

3. Miami Hop on and Hop off tours: Is a convenient way of getting a good overview of the city, you got similar tours in other cities all over united states and probably the world, so tourists as soon as they arrive to Miami, one of the first questions is: Where is the Hop-on-hop-off bus tours! Here in Miami this is quite new. Advantages are they run all day long and you can go on foot any time and then catch up with another bus from the same location you were just dropped of.

4. South Beach (Miami Beach) on Segway tours: Discover the Art Deco and all of South Beach (Miami Beach from 1st st to 21st st) on a relaxing way. You may rent the Segway and go by yourself or get the Segway tours for an additional fee for a guided and unforgettable experience going through the boardwalk, sidewalks and for experienced riders only. At South Beach you get the newest Segway model which is the I2.

5. Popular GoCart Miami tour: These GPS guided fun little cars are made for one purpose only, got you having a good and instructive trip all over Miami, an actual voice from the GPS tours the experience and guide you to which streets you go next and what's the story behind it. It is done also in multiple languages as you need it, German, Spanish, English and more.

6. The Duck tours "quack": Considered Fun by many and embarrassing by others, the Duck tours are very popular in Miami, Because it gets place on one of a kind amphibious vehicle able to go through sea and water without loading down people. It is short experience only through Washington Ave. and Collins Ave; and then it goes into the water around the Fisher Island. Its narrated tour too with jokes and music.

7. Helicopter tours: Not so popular because of the price, but still breath taking experience, there is no other attraction on Florida that will take your adrenaline to a next level like this 30 minutes tour on a helicopter.

8. Miami Sea Aquarium: Aren't you planning to leave Miami without doing the Miami Sea Aquarium tours? Get excited with great shows live with the dolphins walking on water and killer whales flying through the air and see Sea lions as one of the kids favorites. They run daily presentations for inspiration, education and fun!

All of these activities are operated by more than 20 different Miami tours companies, and depending on the company you use, your experience changes. We hope you find this information helpful and you enjoy your time in Miami.

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