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South Beach is truly one of the hottest places in the modern world, and we don't mean temperature wise. It is an area that offers something for everyone and it does it brilliantly and it does it endlessly. Whether you're looking for a calm, quiet, relaxing time basking on a tranquil beach in our almost endless sunshine, or whether you're looking for the a beach that offers a more Latin America, "Rio like" setting, surrounded by trim and fit bodies wearing little to hide their well earned beauty, South Beach is the place for you.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a romantic B & B hideaway that allows you to sit in quiet by the pool during the day, maybe take in some world class shopping or have your body shamelessly pampered a top shelf spa, again, this is your place.

Follow whatever daily venue with a delightful dinner at some of the world's most exquisite restaurants whose beautiful settings and ambiance are surpassed only by their extensive menus and signature dishes. Then take a romantic, moonlit stroll down the beach, or simply sit at a sidewalk cafe before you head back to your quiet, romantic retreat at one of our many, many designer boutique hotels, where nothing is spared to ensure that you spend each night in the lap of luxury.

For those of you who don't really wake up before the sun goes down, the Sobe night life is surpassed nowhere. One cannot read even one magazine that reveals the lives the rich and famous without following someone to South Beach… and with good reason. The club scene in South Beach can only be described with one word: HOT!

Perhaps it's the sun, the weather, the beach, the Latin influence, or the overall laid back lifestyle during the day that releases a magnetic energy into the club scene at night that has no parallel. I'm not sure if it's the music, the people, or a combination, but whatever the magic may be, it makes for one of the most electrifying, energizing and yet exhausting nights, regardless of where else you might have been.

If shopping is your forte, you will not run short on world-class boutiques, visited by fashionistas from all around the globe. It is a little know fact that many from Europe, South America and other parts of planet earth actually come here exclusively for the style, the variety, and the overall shopping experience, unique to this part of the world…and the beach and all other activities are simply an ad-on. You may be looking for haut-couture or designer labels at bargain prices, but rest assured that South Beach has it all. Whether you stroll down Ocean Drive, world famous Lincoln Road, or any other of the world class shopping districts, you will find the shops, the boutiques, the galleries and the eateries you're looking for and you will be in the company of many that you may recognize from elsewhere.






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